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Why Hair Loss Matters

Many men fear the loss of their hair. They touch the back of their head hoping they won’t discover a patch of hairless scalp. They think about what they will do once they go bald — shave their head or sport a hat. Some men take supplements and look into treatments to keep their precious…

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Baldness Cures Found Throughout History

Men throughout history have feared the loss of their hair and have tried nearly everything to not only regain their luscious locks, but also avoid hair loss altogether. Today, on the Hairskeen blog, we are going to share with you some of the oddest baldness remedies found throughout history. If you are looking for a…

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4 Top Hairstyles For Men

As the year comes to a close, it is exciting to start looking to a new year and all the fresh and reinvented styles that come with that. Today, on the Hairskeen blog, we are predicting some of the top hairstyles for men in 2019 and how you can help your clients achieve those looks.…

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Hair Replacement Services: The Benefits For Your Clients & Business

The day a man discovers he is losing his hair can feel like doomsday. No longer does he feel young or have as many hair styling options. He may feel like he is at a disadvantage in his career as well as the social and romantic areas of his life. As a hairstylist or barber,…

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Important Ways to Keep Your Salon Up-to-Date, Pt 2

At Hairskeen, we believe that as a barbershop or salon owner, you have the ability to give men back their self-worth and confidence. Hair loss can be a devastating situation for any man and for this reason, we’re passionate about what we do here at Hairskeen, and it’s the reason we’ll continue doing what we…

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The Emotional Implications of Hair Loss

Like you, we at Hairskeen are passionate about hair and about the life-changing effects that a good haircut and color can have on clients. Additionally, we understand how much hair loss can affect a man’s self-esteem and are excited to offer effective modern hair replacement for men. We are sure that you have seen how…

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Important Ways to Keep Your Salon Up-to-Date, Pt 1

At Hairskeen, we are passionate about changing the game of hair-loss treatments. No longer do men dealing with the loss of their hair need to wait months or even years for an expensive, iffy product to do what it’s supposed to do. With our up-and-coming technology, men young and old can have that gorgeous, full…

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The Biggest Myths Regarding Hair Loss

Here at Hairskeen, we’ve found a way to offer men who deal with hair loss a happier, more confident life. Studies show that when a man has hair that he can be proud of, he’s more confident in social situations, more self-assured in romantic endeavors, and more optimistic when it comes to life in general.…

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The Facts and Figures of Hair Loss, Pt 2

Welcome back to our blog series here at Hairskeen! As we work toward getting our hair replacement products in salons and barbershops all over the country, we’re amazed at the response that we’re getting from our hair stylists and barbers alike. With our hair loss solutions, we’ve been able to change the game. Instead of…

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The Facts and Figures of Hair Loss, Pt 1

Here at Hairskeen, we believe so fully in our products that we boldly stand behind them not only because they’re effective, but because they’re life-changing. Being in the hair industry as a salon professional, you understand the devastation that baldness can leave in its wake. You’ve seen it in client after client and you’re no…

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