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How to Increase Sales & the Customer Experience at Your Salon

In our last blog post, we discussed why offering new services at your salon is a must to preserve and build your client-base. As a business, it can be daunting to make an investment in a new type of service: you don’t know if it will be successful or if you will regain your investment. However, if you aren’t adding the service to your menu, even if you financially could do so, you may be significantly losing out in both profits and growing your business.

Another means for continuing to grow your business is through retailing products. Not only can this increase cash flow but it can actually build your clientele. Despite these advantages, if hair stylists don’t promote the products to their clients, it is likely that these items will only gather dust.

With this in mind, we are offering four tips to help stylists successful sell retail at your salon.    

Four Ways to Effectively Sell Products At Your Salon

Stereotypically, many hair stylists aren’t intuitively gifted at sales. However, by changing their perspective and focusing on the client, the product will essentially sell itself.

Discuss Their Needs

First, it is essential to ask the client how they would like to enhance their hair. This tactic works best if the client asks about a specific product — in this case you can make a recommendation for the product that will best fit their needs. If they don’t bring up a need and you see their hair may need some TLC from a particular product, gently inform them of what you noticed and suggest the product.

Provide the Consultation

When suggesting a product or helping a client find the product that they are looking for, explain how to use the product. For many clients, a salon-quality product can be intimidating. Take the guesswork out of the equation, by explaining how to use the product, how it can be integrated into their hair care routine, and how to know if it is working for them as it should.

Focus on Educating

One of the best ways for hair stylists to successfully sell products is to reframe the situation: instead of selling, they are educating and helping their clients to look and feel their best. Educating your clients is one of the best ways to help get the most out of the services you can provide them. It may also increase their overall confidence. When stylists are discussing a product with a client and when they focus on educating the client, even if the client doesn’t buy the product at that time, they may purchase it in the future or may be willing to invest in similar services in the future.   

Do Your Homework

After the interaction has concluded, it can be helpful to make a note as to why you suggested the product, and if they bought it. By taking notes, you will not only be able to make additional product recommendations in the future but will have a better idea what your client is looking for in their hair care.

Sometimes growing your business is not only trying something new, but also learning how to reframe what you are currently doing for success.

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