Natural Looking Hair



Natural Looking Hair

Remember that individual experiences with Hairskeen may vary, so it’s always a good idea to consult with your stylist for personalized advice and recommendations based on your specific needs and activities.

Hair replacement

The difference between Hair Transplant and Hair Replacement is a matter of technique, price, results, and expectations. 

Hair Transplant is an expensive surgical procedure that can lead to risks (risks of scarring, infection), takes time to see a first result and does not guarantee a result that meets the client’s expectations. A client can lose transplanted hair, other areas of your head can bald causing an odd look or requiring more surgery. 

Hair Replacement is a less expensive alternative, promises an immediate and natural result that meets the client’s expectations and involves less risk. It also allows the client to change their haircut and color. The only requirement is regular maintenance and cleaning. 

If you want to know more about the difference between these two solutions, feel free to read our article: HAIR REPLACEMENT VERSUS HAIR RESTORATION, available on our blog

You already did the biggest part by choosing to go on the hair replacement adventure. Now, you have a choice between two Hairskeen hair systems, Comfort and Sport, based on your lifestyle and expectations. Then, you have to choose the color that matches your own hair to have the best result. Once you finalized your order, a member of the Hairskeen team will contact you to make sure the system you chose is the best option for you and we will ship your order!

We are using 100% Human hair for our system’s colors but we are using synthetic fibers for grey hair.

Hairskeen can provide different options of adhesives to your professional. We have liquid adhesives and tape adhesives that have different abilities and uses. For these products, you also have different levels of strength, depending on which one works the best with your body chemistry. Your professional will use the products that fit you the best regarding your scalp, the system you chose and your lifestyle. You also can find some of these products in our emergency kit available for purchase.

A system can last 2 to 3 months and you must return to your professional every 2 to 5 weeks to conduct the periodic maintenance in addition to daily home maintenance.

 It’s recommended to wait for the adhesive or tape to set before exposing your hair system to water. Follow your stylist’s instructions regarding the recommended wait time, which typically ranges from 24 to 48 hours.

Products and Hairskeen usage

Using Hairskeen products is not a requirement but it is highly recommended as our products have been designed to perfectly meet the needs of the customer and the system itself.  We have worked on the ergonomics of the accessories such as our Hairskeen brush and the composition of the products so that they perfectly match the quality of our systems. Don’t hesitate to visit our shop and see what is best for your needs.

Hairskeen Comfort is the perfect hair system if you don’t need to move around a lot, if your work and activities don’t require you to be constantly on the move, to sweat a lot and to put a lot of strain on your system.

Hairskeen Sport is the perfect hair system if you move around a lot, do a lot of sports, your work requires you to be constantly on the move, you sweat a lot or move a lot at night. It is more resistant to movement and perspiration.

If in doubt, you can always request a consultation (at the professional rate) with one of our Hairskeen Certified near you or call us at (978) 667-9900.

Choosing the right Hairskeen hair system depends on factors like your desired style, hair density, and lifestyle. Your stylist is the best resource for helping you select the perfect system. They can assess your needs and recommend a system that suits you best.

There is no benefit in purchasing more than one hair system. Choose between Hairskeen Comfort and Hairskeen Sport according to your personality, your lifestyle, and your needs and expectations.

If you have any doubts before purchasing your Hairskeen hair system, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can best guide you in your purchase. 

If you are not sure which color matches your hair color, you can contact us before ordering your Hairskeen hair system.

In order for the color of the system to be as accurate as possible to your hair color, you should take a picture of your hair in natural light, with a white or black shirt to limit the reflection of other colors on your hair, take a picture of the side and back of your hair and compare it with the colors offered through the color chart.

The best way to take care of your hair system and make it last over time is to follow the instructions of how to care for your hair system from one of our Hairskeen professionals.

Our Hairskeen professionals will be able to provide you with all the necessary advice to take care of your hair system according to your body chemistry, your natural hair, lifestyle and habits. 

Also, don’t hesitate to keep the “Hairskeen Maintenance” brochure, which will provide you with all the necessary advice to take care of your system every day.  If you have lost your brochure, or have any other questions, please call us at: (978) 667-9900.

NO! Your Hairskeen system should be installed by a professional only.

Hairskeen offers you the opportunity to find a Hairskeen Professional near you. Don’t hesitate to fill out the form to find a professional in your area. Hairskeen offers an amazing Network of professionals.

On the Hairskeen Website, you can use any Credit Card: Visa, American Express, MasterCard or Discover. 

When you buy a Hairskeen hair system, you get a hair system (Comfort or Sport), shampoo, conditioner and a Hairskeen brush. If you need more information, contact our team at (978) 667-9900

After purchasing your Hairskeen hair system from the Hairskeen website, you can schedule an appointment with a Hairskeen professional.

You can find a Hairskeen Professional near you through our Network page. 

You will need to make a consultation with a professional to install your Hairskeen system. Hairskeen does not cover the cost of the consultation or the installation at the professional’s salon. 

Please do not remove the netting or remove the hair system from the plastic template. If so, we will not be able to exchange the system if the color does not match. 

Hairskeen Emergency Kit is a set of products that are designed to provide temporary solutions for a few days in case of an issue with your Hairskeen system.

  1. What should you do if your hair system comes off by about 1 inch on the front?

Alcohol Wipes

  • Peel your system from the front to the back 1 / 1.5 inch.
  • Clean your skin and your system using 99% alcohol (to remove all adhesive residues from the scalp). Use a towel with water and soap to clean the base of the system.

Then you have two options:

Skeen Model – Strong Secure

  • Apply a thin, even coat of STRONG SECURE to the system using the HSK applicator and blow dry until the
    product is clear.
  • Then press hair system onto scalp, firmly holding for 10 seconds.

Lace Model – Skeentape Mini

  • Remove the blue tear-off liner. The adhesive side is placed towards the unit. Avoid touching the adhesive.
  • Place as many strips as needed. When ready to apply to the scalp, remove the white strips inside out.


2. What should you do if the front of your hair system is detached more than an inch?

Easy On

  • Lightly lift the system where it lifted.
  • Gently clean with 99% alcohol wipe to remove all dust and adhesive residues.
  • Spray EASY ON on your scalp and reposition your system.

This technique should last 2-3 days.


3. What should you do if your system completely detaches?


Safe remover

  • Use SAFE REMOVER to help you remove the system from your scalp.
  • Wash your Hairskeen with shampoo multiple times to remove oil residues. Then towel dry your Hairskeen.

DO NOT put the system back on afterwards.




Yes, you can swim with your Hairskeen hair system without any problems. However, it’s important to be cautious when wearing caps while swimming to ensure the adhesive or tape used to secure the system doesn’t weaken due to prolonged exposure to water.

Absolutely! There are no limitations on playing sports while wearing a Hairskeen hair system. You can engage in various physical activities without worrying about your hair system coming off. However, if you sweat excessively or participate in high-intensity sports, it’s advisable to consult your stylist to choose the perfect system that can withstand your activities.

Caring for your Hairskeen is relatively simple. Regularly clean and condition the hair, and follow the maintenance instructions provided by your stylist. Gently brush or comb the hair to prevent tangles and keep it looking its best. Use water based products to style your hair.

Yes, you can style your Hairskeen just like natural hair. You can use water based styling products, blow dry, curl, or straighten it to achieve the desired look. However, it’s essential to use heat styling tools with care to avoid damaging the hair or the system’s base.

The frequency of maintenance visits can vary depending on your lifestyle and the specific Hairskeen system you have. Typically, it’s recommended to visit your stylist every 4 weeks for adjustments, cleaning, and reattachment of the hair system if necessary. Your stylist can provide a personalized schedule based on your needs.

Yes, you can change the style and color of your Hairskeen. Many Hairskeen systems are customizable, allowing you to achieve different looks. Consult with your stylist to explore options and find a style and color that suits you best.

Yes, Hairskeen hair systems are designed to be comfortable and lightweight. They are made with breathable materials to ensure comfort throughout the day. Most users find them easy to wear and adapt to in their daily lives.

Of course! Once your hair system is on, don’t remove it. You can shower, sleep, do every kind of activities with your Hairskeen on. The adhesive and tape used to attach the system are water-resistant. However, it’s essential to avoid exposing the system to excessive heat or steam during extended showers, as this may weaken the adhesive.

To protect your Hairskeen during extreme weather, such as heavy rain or intense heat, consider wearing a hat or using an umbrella. Excessive exposure to rain or sun may affect the adhesive or tape used to secure the system, so extra precautions can help preserve it. Also talk to your stylist about what hair system would be the best depending on your location. Some systems are better for hot weather and others perfect for colder weather. 

Hairskeen hair systems are typically pre-colored to match a range of natural hair shades. Attempting to dye or bleach the system yourself may damage it. If you wish to change the color, consult your stylist, who can provide professional color matching and application services.

If you notice your Hairskeen lifting or loosening at the edges, it’s essential not to pull or tug on it. Instead, contact your stylist for proper reattachment. They can assess the situation and reapply the system securely.

If you experience scalp irritation or discomfort, it’s essential to consult your stylist promptly. They can assess the cause and make necessary adjustments to ensure your comfort while wearing the system.

Shipping and return

We primarily use UPS for our domestic shipments, throughout the United States, and Canada. If you would like information on international shipping, please contact our support team at (978) 667-9900

For the shipment of your Hairskeen hair system and products, you have different options that you will find in the finalization of your payment. 

Please keep in mind that Hairkseen is based in Massachusetts and the shipping time is based on the State that you reside in. 

Standard shipping: between 5 and 7 business days (depending on your living State).

Express shipping (for an additional fee): between 2 and 3 business days (depending on your living State).

Please be aware that orders placed on Fridays after 4 pm Eastern Time and over the weekend do not qualify for our special shipping options. Instead, these orders will be processed and shipped on the following Monday.

Orders placed on Fridays after 4 pm Eastern Time and throughout the weekend will not be eligible for our special shipping options. Instead, these orders will be processed and shipped on the following Monday.

We appreciate your understanding and patience. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team.

The Hairskeen hair system may be return up to 30 days after receipt, if it has not been opened, used or modified.

  • The hair system must be returned undamaged, in the same condition as received. 
  • The shipping cost will be the responsibility of the customer to ship back to Hairskeen USA.
  • The return will be made on the same payment method that was used to place the order.
  • We assume no responsibility for returns lost in the mail. You will be responsible for the products and hair system until they reach us.