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Hair Replacement Services: The Benefits For Your Clients & Business

The day a man discovers he is losing his hair can feel like doomsday. No longer does he feel young or have as many hair styling options. He may feel like he is at a disadvantage in his career as well as the social and romantic areas of his life. As a hairstylist or barber, you may have had to be the bearer of bad news to your clients about their hair loss. As a result, you have witnessed the emotional implications of hair loss. We at HairSkeen have seen how devastating hair loss can be for our clients and how it can affect the business of salons and barber shops. For these reasons, we developed our hair replacement products that can not only benefit your clients but also your business as well.  

Benefits For Your Clients

Not all of our male clients will want to take advantage of your hair replacement services. Some are fine to resign themselves to baldness. However, those that find out that they have options and decide to use hair replacement services will benefit in at least three ways.


Your clients will regain a great deal of confidence. Not only will they be able to express their style, but they will feel more attractive and youthful. They will feel confident and the successes they experience from new opportunities will continue to foster their newfound confidence.  


Having a full head of hair is equated with youth which can affect a man’s social life, romantic endeavors, and his career opportunities. A man who has taken advantage of hair replacement services will naturally have more opportunities and as a result, create the life that he wants.

Style Options

A man with a full head of hair will also have more style options. Instead of just simply adjusting the amount of fuzz that he leaves on his head, he can rock the latest styles. He can express his own sense of style, which according to a Men’s Health article, is one of the most attractive physical traits of a man.  



Benefits For Your Salon

Hair loss affects your business as well. If you decide to offer hair replacement services, your salon will benefit in at least two ways.

Gain Clients

You will not only retain some of those clients that you lost because of hair loss but you’ll gain new clients who want to take advantage of your new services. You will keep those clients who may have just decided to succumb to hair loss when they didn’t think they had any other options. Because not every salon offers hair replacement, your salon may gain patrons of other salons who can’t serve them as you can.   

Offer One More Service

By offering one more service, you are better able to support the needs of your existing clientele and bring in more profit. As we have discussed in previous blog posts, new salon trends come and go that affect your bottom line. However, hair replacement services aren’t going out of style anytime soon.

To learn more about the possibilities for your salon and your clients that hair replacement services provide, visit our website. There you can learn more about HairSkeen and sign up for one of our academy classes.