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Important Ways to Keep Your Salon Up-to-Date, Pt 2

At Hairskeen, we believe that as a barbershop or salon owner, you have the ability to give men back their self-worth and confidence. Hair loss can be a devastating situation for any man and for this reason, we’re passionate about what we do here at Hairskeen, and it’s the reason we’ll continue doing what we do. We take pride in providing men who have completely lost heart with renewed hope, a hope that they can have great social experiences, a healthy dating life, and a completely new sense of confidence that will change the way they live. Hair loss and male-pattern baldness present a question; Hairskeen gives the answer. Check out our gallery, read about our salon partnerships, and contact us with questions!

In a society that is constantly changing, it can be tough to stay on top of the latest styles and trends. It can feel like as soon as one style is “in,” it’s somehow already on its way “out.” Are skinny jeans still a thing? Did men’s rompers ever take off? Are men’s capris still an ok style for the average guy to wear? These are completely normal and rational questions for us to ask, and as much as we notice the changing styles when it comes to clothing, we see just as much variety in each year’s biggest trends in men’s haircuts, hairstyling, and the look and aesthetic of your salon.

In part one of our blog series on the most valuable trends for your salon or barbershop, we discussed the value of emphasizing comfort as much as the trendy nature of your business. We also discussed how valuable it can be to offer drinks to your clients as they wait or as they’re getting their hair done. Let’s continue our discussion on ways to make your modern salon even more up-to-date than it already is.

Entertainment Has Value

Let’s face it, many of our clients will sit in their chairs which their eyes glued to their phones. Some people will also have earplugs in for the entirety of their visit. However, it may be valuable to ask whether or not you’re going the extra mile to offer quality entertainment to your clients while they’re having their hair done. Whether that entertainment is your stylist’s conversations, you’ve got a TV in the corner or behind the mirror, or you have great music coming over the loudspeakers, remember that you don’t want your customers to ever get bored in your salon.



Hairskeen Makes the Difference

Imagine having a balding client come in for a trim around the ears and you’re able to offer him an instant full head of hair. With Hairskeen’s men’s hair replacement products, you’ll be able to offer your male clients a solution to baldness. Our amazing, trendy toupee alternatives are taking over the world and we couldn’t be more proud of how this product is taking off. Why let your customers leave your salon or barbershop feeling low or self-conscious due to their hair loss? You can offer them a solution! Become a Hairskeen partner salon and change the lives of countless men today!

Are you ready to see what Hairskeen could do for your salon and your customers? Check out our website to learn about how to become a partner salon with Hairskeen and let us train your staff to be able to offer this amazing, life-changing alternative to hair loss. Contact us today to learn more!