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Why Hair Loss Matters

Many men fear the loss of their hair. They touch the back of their head hoping they won’t discover a patch of hairless scalp. They think about what they will do once they go bald — shave their head or sport a hat. Some men take supplements and look into treatments to keep their precious locks. Even if a man is accepting of losing his hair, it doesn’t mean he likes that it will happen or currently is happening.

The Emotional Implications of Balding

If you read one of our recent blogs, The Emotional Implications of Hair Loss, you will have learned how tied our hair is to our well-being for both men and women. For many it is in essence a crown: a Psychology Today article states that “our ‘crowing glory’ can show off our physical and emotional well-being, sexual potency and desirability, and even social and financial status.”

Alienation In Selfie-Culture

Also, there is a cultural perception about hair loss. Many men no longer feel desirable once they see their hair beginning to thin. Especially in our selfie culture, men’s self-esteem can begin to suffer.

Perceived Loss of Advantage

Additionally, hair loss can spell a sense of disadvantage for social and career success. Dating can, in some cases, become difficult, and companies searching for bright young minds may find an older-looking man less desirable than men with a younger, modern look. Even if there is no actual disadvantage, men can perceive that they will be on the losing side and may be less apt to take risks or pursue their goals.

To sum it all up, hair matters to men and it’s important to not only be sensitive to men’s self-esteem around this issue, but to also provide answers for those looking to preserve their youthful head of hair.

Offering Your Clients Hope

Whether you are a hair salon owner in a bustling metropolis or a hairstylist in the quiet suburbs, as you see your regulars, you build a bond with your clients. You hear about their personal lives, the ups and downs of their relationships, the drama at work, and family vacations; you may even vicariously live through your clients lives that are perhaps more dramatic or interesting than your own. As you learn more about them, you may want to offer them solutions for the problems they face.

If your clients are suffering from male pattern baldness, you can actually offer them a solution to their woes. However, it is important to understand what you can and cannot fix.

Hair Loss Is Out of Your Control

Unfortunately, as much as you would like to “fix” the problems that your clients are facing, you can’t single-handedly do it. Hair loss can be a result of a few issues:


Due to genetics, men may experience more or fewer issues with hair loss. However, your mother’s side isn’t single-handedly responsible for a man’s hair loss. You inherit traits that influence your balding from both sides of the family. To learn more, read The Biggest Myths Regarding Hair Loss.

Stress & Environment

Stress and a man’s environment can also play a role in a man’s hair loss. In many cases, if a man’s stress is reduced or the effects of stress combated, it can have a profound effect on a man’s health and his propensity for hair loss.

Health & Nutrition

A man’s health and his nutritional choices can also have an effect. Hair loss can be a sign that a man’s health isn’t where it should be — that he is missing some key nutrients or missing the mark in some other way. It can also be a sign for disease: if hair loss is accompanied by other symptoms, it could be a sign of a deeper issue.

The Solutions You Can Offer

One of the best things we can offer our clients — besides giving them a fabulous style and a listening ear — is knowledge. We can educate them on how to find a solution for their hair loss and what could help them slow or even reverse the effects. We can also offer services that can answer their needs.

Hair Replacement Services For Your Salon

The hair replacement solution for each client will differ. However, a service that is gaining popularity for its effectiveness is our Hairskeen hair replacement for men solution. We offer a toupee alternative that is comfortable, modern, and allows men to achieve trendy, popular styles.

Learn more about Hairskeen, check out our style gallery, and learn how you can become certified to offer a valuable service that could very well give them their life back.