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Important Ways to Keep Your Salon Up-to-Date, Pt 1

At Hairskeen, we are passionate about changing the game of hair-loss treatments. No longer do men dealing with the loss of their hair need to wait months or even years for an expensive, iffy product to do what it’s supposed to do. With our up-and-coming technology, men young and old can have that gorgeous, full head of hair as quickly as a visit to their Hairskeen partnered salon. Imagine what this change could mean for some men. Going from partially or completely bald to enjoying natural, authentic hair can mean the difference between confidence and insecurity, empowerment and self-consciousness. Who wouldn’t want a chance to look younger, feel better, and get immediate compliments on his natural-looking hairstyle? Click here to read about our hair replacement services and how our partnerships work, check out our style gallery, and contact us at Hairskeen to learn more about what we can do for your salon and customers!

With so many hair salons and barbershops around, it can be difficult to try and stay ahead of the competition. You offer beer, wine, and coffee to your patrons, you wow clients with a comfortable, trendy atmosphere, and, of course, your hairstyles are as modern and chic as they come. There are so many ways to keep your salon or barbershop up-to-date and on trend, yet, even so, so many hair establishments often struggle to stay successful or even stay afloat.

Deciding What to Add to Your Business

The truth is that there will always be a new and modern thing to offer your patrons and you must always decide whether these additions are necessary and beneficial for your hair clients or whether they’re just fleeting gimmicks that come and go.

In today’s two-part blog series, we’re going to discuss some valuable ideas to keep your salon chairs filled with happy clients. Continue reading to learn more about all the ways your business could keep up with the times.

Comfort is Key

Investing in a chic waiting area is awesome, however, if the furniture you’ve picked out won’t keep someone comfortable who happens to be waiting, you might want to go a different route. There are plenty of trendy looks that will also offer supreme comfort. Consider building both comfort and style into your waiting area. The same should be said of your stylist chairs and shampoo area. These are places in which your guests should not only marvel at how on-point your trends are, but how comfortable your seats are.



Libations Help

Though we think that being modern and trendy for the sake of being modern and trendy is lame, we’re definitely on board with salons and barbershops offering clients drinks during their visit. Keep beers and white wine in a mini fridge so that you can offer them to guests as needed. Do you have a bunch of morning appointments? Offer gourmet coffee to your customers for them to sip while they are pampered.

Don’t forget to get Hairskeen in your trendy salon by reaching out to us today! We can train you and your stylists to be able to offer the most valuable hair replacement product on the market today. Contact Hairskeen to learn more!