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The Emotional Implications of Hair Loss

Like you, we at Hairskeen are passionate about hair and about the life-changing effects that a good haircut and color can have on clients. Additionally, we understand how much hair loss can affect a man’s self-esteem and are excited to offer effective modern hair replacement for men. We are sure that you have seen how deeply a man can be affected by impending or complete hair loss. However, just how deeply does male pattern baldness affect men?   

Our Hair is Our Crown

Hair has never just been something that keeps the top of our heads warm. Hair has always had meaning. It wasn’t too long ago during the 1960s and 70s that hair became a symbol of youthful rebellion. You can see the evolution of men’s haircuts when you flip through a photo collection of the Beatles: as the hippie culture and lifestyle grew in popularity, so did the band members locks grow in length. However, even if hair isn’t a sign of being a part of the counterculture, hair still carries a lot of meaning. In a Psychology Today article, it states that “our ‘crowning glory’ can show off our physical and emotional well-being, sexual potency and desirability, and even social  and financial status.”

Cultural Perception of Hair Loss

Male pattern baldness can be incredibly traumatic for men of any age, but especially for young men, due to our culture’s emphasis on youth, health, and the selfie culture. Many men feel at a loss if they are in the dating scene and perceive that they are at a disadvantage. Though many people find bald men attractive, many men, as they see that they are losing their hair, feel insecure about their hair loss, even if it may be due to health concerns out of their control.  



When It Becomes Personal

Though there are many attractive male cultural icons who are bald or have shaved their heads, it can still be defeating for men experiencing hair loss. As mentioned above, it can affect their emotional health, social status, and relational success. It can even put them at a disadvantage in their careers as more and more companies are looking for fresh, young minds. Even without all of these implications, it can be disheartening to no longer be able to express one’s own style with their haircut.

Empower Your Clients

With all this in mind, Hairskeen has developed a trendy toupee alternative that allows men to achieve modern hairstyles. Hair replacement for men can be effective, achieved without the use of ineffective drugs, and looks natural. Hairskeen would love to partner with your salon or barbershop to provide hair replacement for men that can empower your clients and boost their self-esteem. Visit our website to learn more about the possibilities that our products give you and your clientele and sign up for our education opportunities. The issue of hair loss isn’t just a physical issue, it is one that can cut deep into a man’s emotions and psyche. Partner with us today!