The Hairskeen brush is an ergonomic tool that is specifically designed to be gentle on hair systems while still effectively detangling and styling hair. The Hairskeen brush is designed to suit the unique needs of hair systems, which require a different type of care than natural hair.


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  • The Hairskeen Brush molds to the curvature of your head, detangling knotted hair with no effort or excessive tension on your Hairskeen system.
  • The Hairskeen Brush provides the perfect amount of pressure and stimulation, not hurting your Hairskeen system and not tearing at your hair like ridged brushes.
  • The Hairskeen Brush easily detangling your hair, flexing to release knots gently rather than tearing through the tangle.
  • The Hairskeen Brush can be used on all hair lengths.

Customer Satisfaction:

  • More comfortable during application.
  • Better hold & last longer.
  • Cleaner & more hygienic.

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