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The Biggest Men’s Hair Trends, Pt 2

Hair loss and male-pattern baldness have this ability to rob men of their confidence and self-esteem. Men who deal with this devastating situation are often frustrated, depressed, and without hope. Hairskeen is passionate about giving men back their masculinity and power. We believe that hair loss doesn’t have to be the end of anything, but rather the beginning of a whole new lease on life. Hairskeen can give your clients back their confidence and when you get to be a part of that, it makes your job that much more rewarding. Be a part of the Hairskeen solution and contact our experts today!

The Significance of Great Hair

In part one of our blog series on the biggest men’s hair trends of 2018, we discussed two classic looks that Hairskeen can help you pull off, even on men who don’t have any remaining hair on top! The classic look has a significant fade and a short cut on top that is easy to style, and a clean-looking contrast to go with a full beard or short stubble. A little bit longer than the classic is the medium-length textured classic. This style features a textured top cut with a drastic fade. When styled right and paired with the desired facial hair look, this style will make your client look like a new man.

In today’s portion of our blog series, we’re going to look at a few more great styles that, with the help of Hairskeen, will make your customers feel renewed and comfortable in their own skin!

The Sexy Slick Back

This look channels both vintage and modern styles. It is versatile, easy to style, and a great look to go with any length and cut of your client’s facial hair. With Hairskeen, you can easily help your client achieve this look if they have a decent amount of hair on the sides. Check out our gallery for slick back style ideas!

The 2018 Pompadour

This is hardly your pompadour hairstyle from years past; the 2018 look is often paired with a low fade and also looks great with a full beard. Let Hairskeen help you pull this look off for your clients! Take a look at our gallery to learn about all of our pompadour style opportunities.

The Loose Curls Low Fade

With this look, you’ll need a medium to long length on top combined with a low fade. This style works well for men who are used to having curly or wavy hair and want something that will be reminiscent of their natural hair. Pair this look with a faded beard and your client will be in heaven.



Get Hairskeen in Your Salon!

No matter what kind of hair loss your client is dealing with, it’s important for you to remember that you can offer them a valuable solution to what could be one of their biggest frustrations: their thinning or lost hair. Hairskeen exists to allow you to give your clients restored hope in the form of a great head of hair that stays in place, looks  completely natural, and rivals the hairstyles of the biggest stars and celebrities in L.A. Contact the experts at Hairskeen to learn more about getting our hair replacement services in your salon or barber shop!