The Best Toupee Alternative on The Market

Welcome back to our blog page here at Hairskeen! We’ve made it our business and our life’s ambition to give an amazing solution to hair loss for men all over the world. Countless men who have dealt with a receding hairline, male-pattern baldness, or thinning hair have been given a new lease on life! A huge number of men in the U.S. are facing the prospect of losing their hair, and that can be frustrating and even traumatic. However, when Hairskeen products are introduced to someone who thought that he had no hope of ever having a full head of hair again, we can actually change someone’s quality of life! If you’d like to learn more about getting Hairskeen hair replacement products in your salon or barber shop, contact us today!

The Devastation of Losing Your Hair

When you’re young, it’s easy to feel like the best years are ahead of you. As a teenager, one often looks at his life as an exciting journey of fun surprises that have yet to be unveiled. Many young men see their futures as bright, and why shouldn’t they? The reason that hair loss is so devastating is that, for many people, it’s the loss or dimming of this full and bright future that was once so promising. Men who have dealt or are currently dealing with some form of hair loss have confessed to feeling less confident, having lowered self-esteem, and simply not enjoying life quite as much as when they had all of their hair. Let’s discuss some of the biggest reasons that hair loss is devastating to so many men.

A Loss of Control – With so many aspects of our appearance, we have control. Think about it: most of us have a say in how trim we are, how much muscle we have, if we grow facial hair, what our style is like, if we have a tan, if we keep our teeth white, etc. What men don’t have control of is the rate at which his hair recedes, falls out, or thins. Hair loss is a grim reminder that we don’t have as much control as we think, and to many men, this is a tough idea to face.

A Fear of Forced Aging – For some reason, baldness in our society often comes with the assumption that a man is old or aging. Many times, a head that doesn’t have as much hair on it makes us think of a person who is older than he is. It’s because of this that men who deal with receding or thinning hair have a hard time.

A Fear of Being Less Attractive – Many men who deal with hair loss feel that they are less attractive with less hair than they were with a full head of hair. 75 percent of men who have struggled with hair loss admit to dealing with depression and a loss of confidence. Additionally, over half of the men who have lost their hair admit to being ridiculed on account of it.



Hair loss is a terrible thing for many men to deal with. For this reason, we’re so excited to get Hairskeen hair loss solutions in salons and barber shops all over the world.

We’ll continue this discussion next time in part two of our blog series, “The Best Toupee on The Market.” If you’re interested in getting Hairskeen products in your salon, contact us today!