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Serious Hair Loss & A Life-Changing Hair Loss Solution

Welcome back to our blog page here at Hairskeen! Thanks to amazing hair stylists and salon owners around the country, we’ve seen a massive growth in the use of our one-of-a-kind hair replacement solutions. Our Hairskeen products are changing lives and giving men back their confidence and self-esteem and we’re so thankful to be a part of that. As you know, there is no greater feeling in the world than giving someone who has been struggling to love their hair, the makeover of their dreams. With our hair loss solutions, men who deal with male-pattern baldness, receding hairlines, thinning hair, and so much more, can finally have that full head of healthy, glowing hear that they’ve only ever dreamed of. Contact us to learn how to sell Hairskeen solutions in your salon!

The Devastation of Baldness

Many people who have never experienced thinning or receding hair simply don’t understand the physiological effects that can accompany the condition. After all, with all of the famous actors and celebrities who rock a bald head extremely well, it might be easy to assume that losing one’s hair doesn’t have to be a big deal. However, as most any man who struggles with hair loss would tell you, it can be such a depressing and difficult condition to deal with. According to the American Hair Loss Association, two-thirds of men will experience some hair loss by the time they’re 35 and 85 percent of men will experience
it by the time they are 50.

Some of the statistics regarding hair loss and baldness are staggering. 75 percent of men who deal with lost, receding, or thinning hair have reported that the onset of their hair loss brought on a loss of confidence and 60% of men admit to having been teased for their hair loss at some point. In addition to the loss of confidence, many men admit to feeling that dating opportunities are less frequent and social situations are not as comfortable. Many men who have dealt with thinning hair, a receding hairline, or male-pattern baldness admit to dealing with depression because of it. The truth is, to many men, hair loss is completely devastating.



Reasons That Hair Loss is so Difficult

The Loss of Youth – There are many reasons that people are down and depressed at the loss of their hair, and since everyone is unique, everyone has their own reasoning. Many people are devastated about losing their hair because it is a physical and visual reminder of the loss of their youth. No one loves a constant reminder that we’re aging; a head that’s losing its hair is an unavoidable indicator.

Appearing Old – In addition to the realization that the full and thick hair of your youth is leaving you, the loss of hair can also make one appear years or even decades older. Our minds equate baldness with advanced age so a 21-year-old who is dealing with thinning hair might look a lot older than his age.

Appearing Sick – For some reason, a stigma exists today that the loss of hair implies poor or declining health. Physiologically speaking, people often equate a man with a head full of hair with health, and a bald man is associated with sickness.

Loss of Styling Opportunities – This might seem like one of the least of the difficulties concerning hair loss, however, many men have reported that the loss of the ability to style their hair the way that they want to is incredibly depressing.

Though we can think of many people on whom a bald head looks pretty good, we can’t deny that many men deal with real, emotional turmoil due to the loss of their hair. But what is the answer to this problem? Many shampoos and creams are less than impressive, prescriptions aren’t guaranteed and can come with scary side-effects, and other methods can take years to finally see results.

The Best Hair Loss Solution

Wouldn’t you love to be able to introduce every man who walks into your salon to an instant, painless, and amazing solution to his problem of hair loss? Imagining being able to see the look of joy on a man’s face when he’s running his hands through thick hair that he hasn’t experienced in years. Would you believe it if we told you that you could actually transform your client’s lives when you give them back their hair? Hairskeen exists to give men a chance to, once again, experience the full hair of their youth. By partnering with us, your abilities to give a real solution to the issue of thinning hair will completely revolutionize the way you think about hair. Styling hair for a man who doesn’t have much can leave your hands tied, but when you can give them a hair solution that restores his confidence, it gives him back his masculinity and returns to him his sense of worth.

Interested in providing Hairskeen hair loss solutions in your salon or barbershop? Contact us today! We’d love to chat with you about the opportunities that await you and your customers.