The Best Additions to Your Trendy Salon or Barber Shop, Pt 2

Since our inception, Hairskeen has had one focus: to help men who have struggled with hair loss to find a new sense of self, purpose, and confidence. We know that hair can’t be the only thing that makes a man feel confident, but having great hair sure can help in that department. As hair stylists and salon owners, you understand how difficult it is to feel like you have to work miracles to help a balding client be satisfied with the style or cut you give them. It’s hard for them to be completely satisfied with your style because they’re not fully satisfied with their own head of hair.

Imagine being able to give your clients back their self-esteem, their self-respect, and their confidence, all with a great hair replacement option: Hairskeen. Hairskeen products are the right solution for your trendy and forward-thinking salon. Not only do we offer our products to your salon so that you can give life-changing options to your clients, we also work with your stylists so that they are fully trained and ready to give the gift of amazing hair to your customers! Interested in learning more about Hairskeen? Check out Hairskeen’s gallery, read about our story, learn how to get Hairskeen in your salon or barber shop, and contact us today with questions or comments!

In part one of our blog series on what some of the trendiest salons are doing, we discussed the value of knowing what tone you’re setting in your business so that you’re attracting the right kind of clientele. The decor that you choose can make or break you when it comes to getting the right customers in the door, and when it comes to getting them to come back. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at the importance of making your guests feel welcomed and comfortable with what your salon offers them with each visit.


Spa Services – We’re not saying that you have to start offering massage therapy and keep an esthetician on staff, but when a salon incorporates relaxation techniques into what they do, it can make a huge difference on how the customers respond. Offer an in-depth head massage with each shampoo or throw a facial mask option into their package. There are some great ways to use this to your advantage.

Beverages – Many salons are moving in this direction these days. The best salons are also offering beer and wine to their guests who are over 21. By offering beverages, you’ll help your customers get comfortable and relax while they’re at your salon. After their visit, they’ll equate the relax feelings they felt with your business and be more likely to return.

Hairskeen – What kind of sense would it make for us to talk about the most important things that your salon should offer customers if we don’t talk about our own amazing products! Hairskeen hair replacement products can give your clients a new lease on life and we know that this offering will bring in more clients who struggle with their own hair loss story.



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