Summer Hair Care Guide

Most men may practice a very laid-back approach when it comes to building a hair care routine that protects and nourishes their hair. The seasons, however, bring along different challenges that men should be somewhat prepared for. From UV rays to high humidity, your hair will have a lot to contend with, meaning that the majority of men’s hairstyles will need a little more TLC than a dollop of 2 in 1 shampoo and a quick towel dry. Whether you like styling your hair or like a more relaxed hairstyle, this is for you. 

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Summer-Ready Hairstyles

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, we have to cover one of the most obvious tips: getting the right cut that lays a solid foundation for easy and fun summer hair care. You’ll want a style that is easy to maintain and isn’t as affected by heat or humidity. Going short maybe the best thing to do, as it’ll be much easier to rinse chlorine out of a shorter hairstyle, which is important because the chemicals in pools are really damaging to hair and can leave it feeling like straw.

A high and tight haircut, like a drop with a fade, means less sweat and easier styling and will look great whether you are stepping out of the sea and straight onto beach clubs. Layers that are kept fairly short will look great with or without product, messy, or smooth.

Avoid the Long, Hot Showers

Overly hot water can damage your scalp, and when paired with excessive blow drying or heated styling tools, you weaken your scalp and hair, making it more difficult to get the shape and style you want. Instead, wash your hair with cool or lukewarm water to keep shower time relaxing while also going easy on your scalp. 

Shield Your Locks From UV Rays

Especially after a haircut, you need to keep your exposed scalp safe from sun damage, but it can be equally as important if you have a longer hairstyle, too. Your scalp needs just as much protection from the sun, so keep your scalp covered as much as you can to prevent prolonged exposure to UV rays. Invest in sun oils that you can put in your hair and scalp. They act almost like leave-in conditions that can hydrate and protect your hair at the same time. 

Get a Sulphate-Free Shampoo

If your shampoo isn’t sulfate-free, then this is your sign to go out and get one. Sulfur in shampoos causes your hair to become brittle and results in hair thinning and hair loss. There are hundreds of high-quality shampoos on the market that do not have this ingredient and are immensely better for your hair. It may take a bit of trial and error to find one that you like, but it is most definitely worth it.  

Hair Serum Is Your Friend

Serum acts like a shield for your hair during the summer months. Apart from protecting your hair from the sun, dust, and humidity, it also helps keep your hair soft, shiny, and moisturized throughout the day.

Lock In Moisture With a Hair Masque

In addition to giving yourself time in the shower to let your conditioner do its thing, it is well worth it to check out hair masques, especially during the summer months, as hair masques are much thicker and can penetrate deeper into the hair follicle, giving your hair the protection and hydration it craves in hot, dry, or humid air. All hair types can benefit from moisturizing, but those with typically dryer hair will see a noticeable difference. 

For a natural remedy, you can add coconut oil to your routine. It can be used as a wash-out or leave-in conditioning treatment to hydrate and moisturize the hair. 

Don’t Melt in the Sun

A lot of hair styling products, like gels and pastes, just weren’t made for the heat and will leave your hair look sunken and your forehead slick with styling cream residue. To combat this, avoid highly water-soluble products. These will mix with the sweat from your scalp and will also rinse out in the pool or seawater. Those with short hair may want to think about something dry and thick, like a clay-type product, which can be used for a more matte effect and won’t get sticky or melt in the sun. 

Get to Know Your Barber

A barber is one of your best tools in combating the damage from the summer heat. Professional barbers and stylists are a great resource for everything hair. You can ask your barber or stylist to recommend their favorite summer hair care tips and have them recommend products if you plan on building up your hair care arsenal.



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