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Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles Forecast

One of the best and most unique things about our hair is that it represents who we are, much like the clothes we are. It is an extension of our identity and how we celebrate ourselves. Just like fashion, hair evolves with us as we evolve with society. Even in the past few years, hair trends have grown to include natural hairstyles and hairstyles that actively include men of different skin tones and backgrounds. From waves, box braids, afros, and flat tops for men of color to curtain haircuts, fades, and buzz cuts that everyone can rock, the 2021 hairstyle forecast is an open ocean of possibilities. 

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Low Fade

Low fades have been in style for years now, and the reason is because they complement men’s facial shape well, and emphasizes the hairstyle on the top of their head. A low fade is created by shaving the hair close to your ears and hairline and blending it with the gradually longer hair that is on the sides and back of your head. cut using barber clippers lower down on the sides and back, closure to your ears and hairline. A low fade tends to show off the hair on the top of your head, giving it a more stylish look with more flow.

French Crop

The French crop’s — also known as the crop haircut — most noticeable feature is the horizontal fringe that cuts across the top of the forehead, although it can be anywhere from mid-forehead to just above the eyebrows. It is a touch longer than a regular men’s fringe haircut and is more commonly paired with a fade and is textured or messy on top. Textured Haircuts

Textured haircuts

are easy on the eyes and cool at all hair lengths. But, it does largely depend on the way your barber cuts the tips of the hair to create the textures. Usually, a textured haircut is styled in a messy or spiky way that gives off the impression of cool and collected. Because the look can vary, these haircuts can both be worn in professional environments as well as casual environments. 

Long and Wavy

This is your picturesque surfer boy style — long, slightly unkempt, and wavy or curly. Usually, it’s anywhere past the collarbones, but of course, can be as long as you would prefer. This world well for anyone who wants to grow their natural hair and can be styled in a man bun, ponytail, half-up, or all the way down. 


An undercut can work with any hair length, but the trick is that you need a good amount of hair to work with on top. The undercut is done by shaving the sides and back of the head similar to a low fade or mid fade, but the top is disconnected from the shaved areas of your head in an abrupt fashion. The hair on top is usually left slightly unkempt and messy, although it can be slicked back for a more professional look. There are a handful of modern takes, making this an easily modifiable haircut. 



Hairskeen Hair Replacement Systems

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