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How Hairskeen is Revolutionizing the Business

Hair loss has plagued men and women since the beginning of time — or at least, since man and womankind have had time to care about their appearance. No one likes to be reminded that they are aging when they discover their hairline is receding or their hair is thinning. Additionally, for many, their hair is one of the key factors for expressing their personal style, and losing the ability to do so can be crushing to their confidence.

Hairskeen wants to provide you the means to help your clients have the hair that they love and that will allow them to enjoy a renewed sense of confidence. Today, in our blog, we are going to share five of the main things you should know about our brand. Stay right here to learn more and be sure to sign up for our newsletter and attend a certification class near you. 

5 Things You Need to Know About Hairskeen

Hairskeen is a leader in the hair replacement services market and today we are going to show you why.  

Finest Hair Loss Solution on the Market

Hairskeen came about as a result of Francis Famechon in 1968 pioneering the industry of hair loss solutions with his Hair 2000. Due to his unprecedented approach, he was able to provide clients with revolutionary, natural hair loss services. What’s more, he developed one of the first networks of hair clinics in France. 

Today, his son Eric Famechon continues his legacy with Hairskeen and other Cosmecare group brands like Chopperhead. Hairskeen continues to define standards for hair loss solutions and provide men the means to be their best selves without the need for surgery or harmful medications. 

Modern Styles For the Modern Man

Depending on your background, when you think of hair replacement for men, you may think of a poorly fitted hair piece or hair plugs that didn’t quite take. Hairskeen is a semi-permanent hair piece that can be cut and styled to look like the latest trends for men’s haircuts — especially the latest Euro-inspired styles. Hairskeen offers a variety of styles and hair textures to match your client’s own hair and personal style. We are always adding more styles to meet your clients’ needs and tastes.  

The Hairskeen Academy

To equip you to best serve your clients, Hairskeen offers The Hairskeen Academy, a two-day, certification class that will provide you the training and tools you need to offer our hair replacement services to your client. At our class, you will learn: 

  • Application of the Hairskeen hair loss product
  • Cutting and styling
  • Necessary preparation
  • Maintenance and care
  • How to market Hairskeen to your clients
  • Suggested pricing
  • Access to marketing materials and videos.

When you attend one of our classes, you will have access to the guidance of professional Hairskeen Trainers who can help you perfect your skills.  

The Hairskeen Network

Once your training is complete, we offer on-going support with our Hairskeen Network. When you join our network of hair care professionals, you will have access to more marketing concepts and lead management tools, and the expertise of professionals that can help you address the unique concerns of your clients. You will also enjoy regular technical and artistic training to achieve the latest styles. With our Hairskeen Network, you can effectively grow your business. 

A Means to Set Your Salon Apart

It is more important than ever to set your salon apart. Hairskeen can help you do just that. With our hair replacement services, you can expand the possibilities for your clients and draw even more clients to your salon. Offering such a revolutionary product won’t go unnoticed especially when your clients share how good they look and feel. If you’re looking for a way to make your salon stand out, you just found it.

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