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Hair Loss Solutions; A Realistic Look, Pt 2

Welcome back to our Hairskeen blog series! Last time we talked about some of the common reasons to experience hair loss including age, genetics, inflammatory conditions, illnesses, and more. We also discussed the different types of hair loss as well as the cold, hard, facts regarding using minoxidil as a treatment. As we stated last time, minoxidil is a common ingredient in many hair loss brands but is only sometimes effective, can become expensive after a while, and can be accompanied by nasty side effects. When you add up the costs, risks, and chance of disappointment, using minoxidil doesn’t seem too appealing.

For these reasons, we simply know that our product is better. It’s 100 percent safe and effective, in fact, salons all over the nation are taking advantage of our product, training, and marketing. With our proven results, it’s no wonder that we’re growing as fast as we are. Check out our offerings page to learn about all of the ways Hairskeen can completely rejuvenate the way that you do business. Whatever your clients are looking for, we’ll work with you so that you’ll be able to offer a variety of fashionable hairstyles like the following:

  • High Fade With Long Fringe
  • High Fade With Fohawk
  • Man Bun
  • High Fade With Cropped Fringe
  • Low Fade With Medium Fringe
  • Classic Crew Cut With High Fade
  • Modern Fohawk With Low Burst Fade
  • Top Knot With Undercut
  • Low Fade With Long Fringe
  • Side Quiff With Classic Tapered Sides
  • So Many More!

This list is hardly exhaustive because, with Hairskeen, the style possibilities are endless. Wouldn’t you love to be the one to look into the eyes of your self-conscious client and give them the gift of hair? You’ll instantly make the guy in your chair look years younger, feel ten times better, and give him a sense of pride and self-confidence that can only come with Hairskeen. But why are we so much better than the other hair loss solutions out there? Let’s explore a few more of the products that boast a fix to baldness on the market today.




This product was introduced in 1992 and was originally used to treat an enlarged prostate and in 1997, finasteride began being used to treat hair loss in men. Much like minoxidil, finasteride is another major ingredient found in two different brands of hair loss solutions. It boasts being effective in halting the loss of hair and regrows up to 30 percent of lost hair.

Our Issue?

If the product itself is only hoping to help get 30 percent of a user’s hair back, the actual results are sure to be much less than even that. Although most men who used it saw at least some results, 30 percent of hair being regrown simply isn’t enough good news to write home about. If finasteride weren’t subpar enough, we need to weigh the cost of being a lifelong user. Like minoxidil, finasteride has to be consistently taken in order to continue seeing results which means that after you consider it’s cost, you could end up paying as much as $25,000 to take finasteride for just twenty years. And since this is a prescription, what happens if the cost goes up, or if it’s taken off the market? Your client would be left without a solution to his hair loss. This seems like a potentially giant headache for a measly 30 percent regrowth.

In addition to its mediocre results, finasteride has some possible side effects that are frightening, to say the least. Certain men who used finasteride experienced significant sexual issues like erectile dysfunction, lowered libido, and other forms of sexual dysfunction. Though these problems have seemed to improve over the course of taking finasteride, the risk of a tough first year or two on this prescription would make anyone hesitant to get on board. Again, because Hairskeen comes without these risks, it’s obviously the better option.

Products that Contain Ketoconazole

The interesting thing about ketoconazole is that this is a product largely used for treating fungi like ringworm and athlete’s foot or dandruff. While ketoconazole seems to be somewhat effective for treating baldness that is the result of an infection, there have been mixed results for those struggling with Androgenic Alopecia, or your typical male pattern baldness.

Additionally, ketoconazole has proven to be somewhat effective in halting the loss of hair in its tracks, however, it’s by no means a champion product for regrowing the hair that has been lost. As far as some of the side effects of using ketoconazole, there have been reports of mild nausea, vomiting, itching, headache, dizziness, and impotence. With these possible side effects, it’s no wonder more and more people are opting for a different hair loss solution.

This is, of course, where we come in. At Hairskeen, we offer a product that will have your client walking tall, looking younger, and feeling more confident than ever. If you’re ready to see what all of the fuss is about, why wait? We’re excited to get your technicians trained and ready to change your customer’s lives! Contact us today to learn more!