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Baldness Cures Found Throughout History – Part 2

Welcome back to the Hairskeen blog! In our last post, we took a stroll through history to look at some of the most bizarre “cures” for baldness. In our last post, we explored the Egyptians’ practice for concoction brewing, Hippocrates medical findings, Julius Caesar’s comb-over, and more.

Men and women throughout history have, it seems, “literally” tried everything to keep their head covered with beautiful locks of hair. Today, we are going to look at some of the many remedies for baldness.

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4 More Odd Cures For Baldness

Baldness is not just the plight of the modern man; throughout history men have been in search of a way to keep their hair.


The British, it seems, have always had an affinity for tea. The drinking of tea has been a major part of how the English structure their day and still remains a central part of their culture. During the 19th-century, in the hopes of curing their baldness, men would rub cold India tea as well as chunks of lemon on their scalps in hopes of getting rid of their dome. As you would assume, this didn’t work.

Hot Heads

In the 1920s, manufacturers joined the endeavor to find a cure for baldness. The Thermocap was created with the intent that heat and blue light would stimulate hair growth. With the support of newspapers with headlines touting that the cure for baldness has been found, men would spend 15 minutes a day wearing a Thermocap. Unfortunately, it seems that this invention was better for keeping a person’s head warm than stimulating new hair growth.   



Vacuum Power

Years later in 1936, light was abandoned for the power of vacuum suction. The Crosley Corporation offered a device that was to suck new hair follicles into submission to give the wearer a new head of hair. Barbershops offered this “treatment.” However, those with the means could rent one for home hair growing sessions.  

Hair Transplants

It was only a few years later, in 1939, that a Japanese dermatologist began experimenting with hair grafting — taking hair from other parts of the body and grafting that on to their patients’ scalps. Norman Orentreich popularized this treatment. Though to a degree the procedure worked, most patients’ heads looked less like the luscious locks of their youth and more like a patchy baby doll’s head.  

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