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5 Products You Need For An Effortless Hair System Application

Hair replacement systems are a versatile tool to help you cope with a problem experienced by most men in their 20s. Quality hair systems require quality products to ensure a flawless and low-effort application that gives the most natural look. Hair system applications can be tricky if not accompanied by good products. 

This blog takes you through 5 essential products you need to apply hair replacements easily. Affordable products that promise a clean and efficient application. Good products ensure that you can have a hassle-free experience when covering up your bald spots or thinning hair. 

Hair loss can be an overwhelming and emotional experience for many. Therefore, you deserve the proper guidance to help you navigate this challenging process, which you can get through this blog. 

Products You Need For Hair Replacement System Application 

Explore Hair Systems For Hair Thinning

Explore Hair Systems For Hair Thinning

You need only five products to make hair replacement system application effortless and flawless. Here they are. 

Scalp Preparation 

Proper scalp prep ensures that your hair replacement system sits comfortably and its installation can last long. It also helps protect your natural hair and skin from irritation and keeps it feeling smooth. 

Made of isopropyl alcohols and a film former, the product is aimed to help increase hold time and keep the skin safe. After cleaning the application area with 99% alcohol, apply the product and let it dry until it’s not sticky. 

It provides a thin barrier between your skin and the scalp adhesive. The protective layer can help minimize the discomfort caused by the hair replacement system. Long-lasting, adhesive boosters like the ones from Hairskeen are made for all types of skins and lifestyles. 


An exemplary adhesive is essential for ensuring a smooth yet long-lasting application of your hair replacement system. Proper comfort and convenience come from a quality adhesive, whether glue or tape. A gentle, skin-safe product ensures that your installation lasts long while your skin is not irritated.

After doing a proper scalp prep, which includes cleaning the area and applying a scalp prep spray:

  1. Apply the glue and hold down the hair replacement system for 10 to 20 seconds until it is secure.
  2. Ensure your adhesive does not dry by blow-drying it on the heat setting to make it tacky and sticky. 

Hairskeen offers various adhesives for different lifestyles and skins that you can try out to ensure which one suits you best. They are all fantastic, from their extra security to their perfect security solutions.

However, explore tape adhesives if you want a secure yet less messy solution to applying your hair replacement system. These double-sided, skin-safe tapes are made for a long-lasting and comfortable hair system application.


Oil-based skin-safe adhesive removers are the ideal solution to removing your men’s hair replacement systems as they cause the most minor damage and do not irritate the skin. Since the adhesives are vital to make the installation last, the removers must be equally powerful yet gentle. 

Oil-based adhesives help remove the adhesive by breaking it down and not causing damage to nearby hair. 

  • After applying a generous amount of the remover, let it sit while it breaks down the adhesive, wipe it off and shampoo your hair to clean it properly. 
  • To get the glue off your system, soak it in a bowl with the remover, gently remove the leftover glue using gloves, and finish by shampooing it. 
  • Remember to not keep it on the system for longer than 2-3 minutes and not apply it on cuts or broken skin. 

Hairskeen removal sprays gently remove the adhesive from all skin types, are fast-acting, and can be rinsed with soap and water. They are made of organic wetting ingredients and citrus oils for fragrance and smooth, hassle-free removal. 


A quality brush and applicator are essential to ensure your hair system application process is smooth and effortless. Made of high-quality silicone, this tool is designed to help you apply liquid adhesive easily. It can easily fit into small nooks and crannies with its sharp edges and is easy to clean as it only needs the adhesive to be peeled off after drying.

It also ensures a more hygienic and mess-free application. A brush of good quality is essential to detangle your hair system before application to prepare it properly. It detangles the hair by flexing the knots to remove them instead of pulling them. It does not cause too much tension and does not tear the hair system while combing.

Shampoos And Conditioners 

Hair Systems For Luscious Hair

Hair Systems For Luscious Hair

A good shampoo for your hair replacement system makes it shiny and ensures longevity while softening and protecting it. A non-abrasive formula that can be used on natural and synthetic hair, it helps clean the hair to give a refreshed look without making it dry or brittle, as it is free of silicone and sulfate. It repairs the hair with ingredients like wheat proteins and hydrolyzed keratin to add volume. 

Remember to shampoo the hair system every 2 to 3 uses and not apply shampoo directly to the product. Instead, apply the product to your hands and after emulsifying it and creating a foam, massage it into the hair properly and then rinse it out.

Similarly, the conditioner that consists of ingredients like Argan oil, vitamin E, Macadamia oil, and more ensures flexibility, protection, and hydration and allows it to reconstruct while making it strong. 

After applying the conditioner to your natural hair, the leftover residue should be applied to the hair replacement system instead of directly to it. 


Good quality products are the one thing that is sure to make your hair system application process smooth and hassle-free. Since losing hair is already overwhelming, you do not deserve to be more overwhelmed by its solution. Therefore, invest in quality products and hair replacement systems to get the best results and the most natural-looking hair ever.

Explore Hairskeen and its wide variety of hair systems and application products made to suit you and all your lifestyle needs. Quality meets affordability with Hairskeen’s best hair systems, and you deserve both of them today!