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How To Cure Baldness In Its Early Stages

Male pattern baldness is considered incurable and an untreatable problem since its roots are traced back to genetic codes. However, in its early stages, it is possible to control the hair fall to some extent so that you can delay the process until you can grow more confident in your new skin. Most men will begin to lose their hair in their late 20s, and by 50, 85% will have experienced some hair thinning. 

This blog explores the various solutions to cure baldness and discover their effectiveness. Ultimately, you should be able to choose the right solution, whether surgical procedures, hair replacement systems or simply topical treatments. You are sure to find the right fit for you. 

Visit A Professional

Most people brush off the problem and choose not to consult a dermatologist when they experience increased hair fall. The first step to cure baldness is getting expert opinions and understanding the problem. 

A dermatologist can help you decipher whether your hair fall is genuinely something to be concerned about or if it’s normal. Everyone experiences some hair fall when they wash or brush their hair. Losing 60-100 strands is inconsequential and is not a cause for worry. Therefore, if your rate of hair loss is more than that, a doctor can guide you on which treatment to use and what medication can help. 

Dermatologists can further address any doubts in your head or bust any myths around male pattern baldness. They will also be able to keep you from trying any ‘sham’ products that may cause further damage by providing the most accurate information. 

Styling Tricks 

Style Your Hair Differently To Cover Up Balding

Style Your Hair Differently To Cover Up Balding

The best and most foolproof way to cure baldness is not a ‘cure.’ It is a new way of life. Learn to style your hair in a way best suited to cover up your bald spot if that is what you desire. Using volumizing sprays and products will help you embrace your confidence and maximize what you have. It would be best if you worked on incorporating other tools that can help cover the bald spot instead of treatments that claim to help you ‘grow back hair.’ 

Hair replacement systems are the most perfect and cost-effective ways to help with accelerated hair loss. These systems are made to fit you and as a cure for baldness by covering it up. They require maintenance similar to your hair and can be chosen as per your desires. Insurance also covers these costs under certain conditions. It can also allow you to protect what you have left by shielding it from the environment. 


The most common, FDA-approved, over-the-counter topical treatment involves a product infused with Minoxidil. However, before using this product, it is crucial to find the underlying cause of the problem. 

If the hair fall is caused by a hormone called DHT imbalance, the treatment may work for some time, but hair may start to fall again when the treatment is stopped. It is not a sure-shot way cure for baldness. Most doctors recommend it as convenient; however, side effects may include headaches, itchy scalps, and too much hair growth. 

Minoxidil is a treatment applied to your scalp directly as a shampoo or liquid and works best when applied to wet hair twice daily. It takes six months to know if the treatment is working, and it may only slow down the hair fall, not reverse it. It may also cause unwanted hair fall on areas near the scalp. Therefore, it is not the best solution and is relatively temporary in its effect. 

Hair Transplants 

Hair Transplants For Balding

Hair Transplants For Balding

Hair transplants or hair grafting is considered to cure baldness effectively. However, this process has many limitations and problems as well. 

In this process, skin grafts will be removed from pieces where there is healthy growth on your body and displaced to the balding area. Each piece of hair must be carefully placed and made to look perfect. It shows its effect in about six months to a year. It may also need touch-ups a few times before you see the best effects. The scalp will heal from the bruising or inflammation after approximately two months. 

This is not a recommended procedure as it is a painful process that involves sedation and may leave one with bruising, swelling, infections and more problems if not done correctly. Moreover, insurance does not cover any procedures that cure baldness; hence, it is an expensive treatment with no guarantees. If your baldness is genetic, then this treatment is likely not to affect the look of your hair as well. 

Lifestyle Changes 

In the early phases, you can make a few changes in your lifestyle that can delay hair loss. Increasing your protein and iron intake has been shown to delay hair loss. One gram of protein per kilogram you weigh is the ideal amount you should consume. However, these are preventative measures. 

Ensure you are not severely deficient in any vitamin and not taking too much stress as both adversely impact the rate of hair growth and the functioning of your hormones and body. Staying positive and hopeful is the best thing you can do for yourself. The best combination involves trying a healthy lifestyle with a hair system to protect your hair while it heals. 


While it is impossible to cure baldness completely, non-surgical ideas are worth trying in the early phases until you are more comfortable with your hair and look. In the latter stages, embracing yourself completely and accepting yourself as you are is best. 

The most effective way to ‘cure baldness’ is by using non-surgical ways and covering up the bald spot instead of trying to grow hair back. Explore the best hair replacement systems by visiting Hairskeen’s website and owning your new hair confidently and effortlessly. These hair systems are sure to stand by you and fit you perfectly!