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Hair Alternatives For Balding Males

Male pattern baldness is a natural process that most men experience along with hair thinning. However, most men struggle to gain confidence when they have bald spots. Therefore, specific hair alternatives exist to help cover up the spots and add a fuller look to your hair. Each alternative has advantages and disadvantages; you have to find what is suitable for you and best fits your needs. 

Hair alternative options can range from affordable to expensive, and the most expensive does not always mean the most effective. Therefore, through this blog, you should be able to decide which hair alternative you wish to choose, or you may stop feeling the need to cover up your thinning hair and embrace it instead. 

Hair Replacement Systems 

Hair Replacement Systems

Hair Replacement Systems

Hair replacement systems are the most economical yet effective way to cover a bald spot. They look natural and blend seamlessly with your natural hair when chosen correctly. Opt for a texture, color and style most similar to your natural hair and ensure it fits your spot flawlessly to avoid looking overgrown and misfitting. You are sure to get a flawless and effortless look. 


Hairkseen offers the best hair replacement systems that promise the best results in no time. These systems are customized to fit you and your desires. It gives a fuller look that conceals bald spots completely. They are convenient and can be removed as you want. Their quality hair ensures the most natural-looking appearance and gives the illusion of natural hair with ease. 

Scalp Spray 

A scalp spray with a color closest to your natural hair color is perfect if you’re looking for an affordable alternative. However, If you have a more prominent ball spot, then using this hair alternative may not help as it will not do the cover-up justice. It is excellent for thinning hair, but it must be re-applied often and tends to fade when wearing it. 

Cover Up Powder 

Similar to a scalp spray, this hair alternative is affordable yet is washed out at every wash and fades relatively quickly when the scalp is exposed to the environment. Brush the pigment onto your hair using a brush and ensure the color is closest to your natural hair color. A powder can not cover a bald spot. However, it can conceal thinning hair well and give a more voluminous look.  


The easiest way to cover up a bald spot is an accessory. Contrary to popular belief, hats and caps do not cause more hair loss; instead, they can protect the scalp, which can help protect the hair and boost growth. It is an easy and affordable hair alternative but is not a solution as it is relatively temporary and cannot be worn everywhere. So, while it is excellent for many reasons, it is not a permanent solution, and you should work to find something that is more versatile. 

Volumizing Products 

If your hair is thinning, and you need a hair alternative to give your hair a fuller look. Volumizing shampoos and conditioners can help add density and increase the thickness of your hair temporarily, so your hair feels and looks thicker. It does not help grow hair but adds the illusion of density by bonding hair follicles. They can also help nourish your hair follicles and promote growth. 

Hair Building Fibers 

Cure Male Balding With Hair Systems

Cure Male Balding With Hair Systems

Hair-building fibers are one of the most effective and affordable hair alternatives available on the market. They use chemicals to make the hair look fuller. Made from cotton, wool or human hair, these fibers are applied to your bald spot and cling to your scalp and the nearby hair using electricity. They are more resistant than powders or sprays but can irritate dry skin and cause reactions. They are not foolproof and may only work for some. 

Hair creams or concealers are also hair alternatives that dye the nearby hair and try to make it look natural. However, they lack the look of texture that other alternatives provide. 

Hair Transplants 

Surgical procedures take time to take effect but are effective for most in the long run. Hair transplants or microneedling are expensive and extensive procedures. They can be painful, cause chances of infection, and may not work for some at all. It is better for people with mild hair loss, not those with a more significant problem area. This is the last hair alternative that should be chosen if you are ready to incur costs and take a risk. 

If you have not found the hair alternative that works best for you, then it is time to take your power back, start embracing this change, and see it as something positive. Try a new hairstyle or shave your head, and learn to style and sport that look confidently!

If you still want a solution that fits everyone, Hair Systems by Hairskeen can be your best friend. Explore our website and product range today to get the best options for your hair loss and care needs. 

Quality and cost-effectiveness are the name of the game when it comes to Hairskeen, so you, too, can cover up your affected area without worrying about an artificial look or making too big of a dent in the bank!