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7 Myths About Male Baldness

A regularly misunderstood concept is that of male pattern baldness or male baldness. These misconceptions cause so much confusion and misinformation, leading to worry and anxiety in the minds of those seeing accelerated hair fall. 

This blog will bust seven common myths about male baldness and help you get the correct information, to the point and concise. 

What Is Male Baldness?

Male baldness usually starts in one’s late 30’s or early 40’s. A receding hairline or an evident bald spot indicates this problem. 

Treating this kind of hair loss is not essential. However, most people opt for a surgical treatment or a non-surgical option like a wig to cope with the rapid hair growth. Treatment may involve reducing hair fall rate through topical treatments, getting hair transplants or non-surgical procedures to hide the bald spots. 

Therefore, it is important to bust the myths around men’s baldness so you can choose which option is right for you in the long run. 

Myth 1: Vitamins Will Promote Hair Growth After Male Baldness Has Showed Its Effects 


Hair is made of dead tissue; hence, rubbing any vitamin-infused lotion or consuming any vitamin can boost hair growth. Like topical treatments, non-surgical hair treatments fail in the long run and pile up costs without any effect. 

Yet, one of the most cost-effective and reliable solutions is a hair replacement system. They are easy to apply and maintain and promise a natural look. However, you can slow hair fall by eating a healthy diet full of whole foods and maintaining an active lifestyle. 

Myth 2: Only Older Men Suffer From Male Baldness 


Men whose families have a history of male pattern baldness are likely to suffer from this problem as early as in their late teens or early 20s. Notice if your siblings or cousins also experience this problem; then you can be sure it is due to your genetics or maybe some deficiency.

However, most people experience this situation in their middle ages; a quarter of the males experience it before or at 21. One usually notices it later than he feels it; that is why they feel it only happens to older people. 

You will notice your hair is gone once you lose almost half of it. Both the mother’s and father’s genes contribute to this problem. Preventing hair loss is not possible as it is inevitable, but trying to slow it down is possible. 

16% of men aged 18-29 experience hair loss, which is higher than the percentage of men losing hair a few years ago. Therefore, it is not only a phenomenon experienced by older men. 

Myth 3: Washing Your Hair Too Often Can Cause Male Baldness 

Fix Male Baldness With Hair Systems

Fix Male Baldness With Hair Systems


The frequency with which you wash your hair has no real impact on your rate of hair loss. When you feel hair is falling in the shower, it is due to your hair having weaker protein bonds or because it is dislodged from its root when shampoo is rubbed into it. That loose hair falls, and the rest of the hair remains attached. 

Most hair will regenerate after washing or go dormant and grow again. It is a normal cycle that all people with hair experience. However, it is concerning when your hair is falling out in bundles, and you see it is not growing back; this is due to your hair follicle dying and inability to regenerate. 

Myth 4: Wearing Hats Causes Male Baldness


There is no evidence to suggest that wearing hats promotes hair follicle damage or hair fall in the long run. However, if your hat has not been washed in a while and is dirty or unhygienic, it may increase the chances of infection and lead to clogged hair follicles, hair fall and other problems. So remember to wash your hate often. 

Moreover, the notion that hair cannot breathe with a hat on is wrong. Hair receives its oxygen supply from the bloodstream, not the surrounding air. Hats also help cover bald spots and a receding hairline while looking trendy and stylish. 

Myth 5: Only Surgical Treatments Work For Male Baldness 

Hair Systems For Men

Hair Systems For Men


People assume the best cure for baldness is hair transplants like follicular unit transplantation or follicular unit extraction. While these treatments help make it look like the hair is growing back, another great alternative is wigs made for men. 

These wigs are made to fit and are custom-made for clients and their hair needs. The color, texture, length and area you need covered are all considered when deciding what wig is best suited for you. Explore the best hair replacement systems made to fit your lifestyle needs at cost-effective prices.

Myth 6: Stress Causes Male Baldness 


There is a chance that your hair fall is caused by stress; however, it doesn’t cause permanent or significant hair loss. Trauma and emotional overstimulation can cause your hair follicles to go dormant into a resting phase to regenerate until the stressor has passed and the normal cycle resumes. However, minor stressors from everyday life do not cause hair loss. This hair loss is temporary, so don’t stress about stress! 

Myth 7: Male Baldness Means Increased Testosterone 


The hair on your head has little to do with the testosterone levels in your body; studies show bald men have the same testosterone level as their hairier friends. Elevated levels of the hormone DHT or Dihydrotestosterone are better correlated with hair loss. 

Sometimes, the influence of genetics causes an increase in DHT and stops the hair follicle from producing or growing. Genetics can also influence how sensitive your hair is to certain hormones. 


Male baldness is something almost 42% of men are affected by globally. If you cannot prevent it, you can definitely slow it down. 

If you have already reached the stage where you can’t grow any more hair back, opt for a solution to the problem by going for a surgical or nonsurgical treatment. Invest in a quality hair replacement system from Hairskeen, and always look handsome and electric!