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4 Alternative Hairstyles For Males With Bald Spots

By 50, almost 85% of men will have thinning hair. One in two men will experience some balding in their 40s; therefore, bald spots are not a rare phenomenon and are most definitely not something to be embarrassed about. 

Hair thinning is a natural process as you age since hair follicles produce new hair more slowly and with less melanin. There is no real cure for baldness and hence, male pattern baldness or bald spots should be embraced as a natural byproduct of aging and life well-lived. 

However, if you want to cover up your bald spot or feel like you have a fuller head of hair again, several hairstyles can help you regain your confidence while not compromising on style.

Buzz Cut 

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is the most popular hairstyle for men, whether with bald spots or without. It is a low-maintenance, short and clean hairstyle. 

Trim the top of your hair to make it short near the bald spot so it can camouflage easily. 

Clip the hair closer to the roots and create a fade so it blends naturally and does not draw too much unwanted attention to what you want people to overlook. A buzz cut involves trimming your hair all over the scalp so all the hair is of uniform height but is edgy and sharp looking. 

Various variations of a buzz cut can also be tried depending on your preferences, and it can also help cover a receding hairline. A buzz cut is undoubtedly one of the sexiest hairstyles on a man. If you add a sharp beard and a suit to this look, you are sure to look like a snack! 

Short Crew Cut

Short Crew Cut

Short Crew Cut

Try a short crew cut if you don’t want to cut your hair down to the grain and want a little bit of length while concealing your bald spot. The length is short all around but has some volume over the top. 

Clip the sideburns and reduce the length to make it look more natural, blend it in with the top and fade it. This hairstyle is also ideal to cover up a receding hairline. The sides should be significantly shorter than the top to bring out the drastic look of this hairstyle. If your hair is slightly longer and your bald spot is in the front of your scalp, this is an excellent hairstyle as it helps cover the bald spot by moving it to the front and keeping it long. 

The fade also ensures that the hairstyle looks natural while you look as handsome and sharp as ever! With a long, edgy and well-defined beard, this is the perfect look for the most presentable and stylish version of you. 

Shaved Head 

If you want to try something new and completely change from your regular hairstyle, then shave your hair and embrace your new look. Unfortunately, chances are that if your hair is thinning and you are experiencing bald spots, your hair will eventually fall out in patches. However, this can be good as it will allow you to try new looks with your clothes, experiment with different facial hair, and make a fashion statement. 

Moreover, if you do not want to cut off the hair and want a male balding cure that is not surgical or expensive, try the best hair replacement systems from Hairskeen and cover up that bald spot! Surgical treatments are recommended only if most of your hair has fallen out and you are experiencing the adverse side of male pattern baldness. 

Side Swept and Messy 

Side Swept and Messy

Side Swept and Messy

Suppose you have longer hair and want to cover your bald spot while looking youthful and mimicking the feeling of a fuller head of hair. Try a side-swept and messy look; this gently tousled hairstyle is perfect for days when you are on the go and want a low-maintenance yet voluminous look. 

Use a curl cream in your hair after washing to give it texture and waves naturally. When you’re ready to style, take the hair and gently sweep it to the side that your hair naturally curls towards, and comb it over gently. End with a leave-in cream or a hairspray so the hair stays in its place and does not move around with you. 

It is easy to make this hairstyle look flat and odd, so your focus should be on achieving a voluminous look rather than covering up the bald spot when styling. This gorgeous and fluffy look gives the best results when done correctly, ensuring you look younger yet classy. 


Bald spots are meant to be embraced and not be embarrassed about. They are natural and are usually not curable since they are genetic. However, the best ‘male balding cure’ is a hair replacement system, which is cost-effective, relatively low maintenance and foolproof. It is a sure shot to ensure the bald spots do not shine through. 

The most remarkable thing about you is your personality, not the way you look. With a strong personality and a look like the ones in the blog, you will surely be the most attractive man in the room! Check out Hairskeen’s quality hair replacement systems so you can accentuate your style.