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3 Situations Where Your Emergency Kit Will Come Handy For Hairskeen

Want to look fabulous and gain back your confidence quickly with guaranteed results? Hair replacement systems are made to help you feel comfortable in your skin while protecting your natural hair. 

A hair replacement system is a less expensive and low-risk investment to deal with male pattern baldness. It promises an immediate solution to your problem while allowing you to experiment with a more sustainable and safe option. 

However, since hair replacement systems need to be applied and maintained regularly, an emergency kit is a brilliant way to make the application process more accessible and to save you from embarrassing situations. 

Here are three times when your emergency kit from Hairskeen will help you avoid any unwanted situation and always look your best. 

What Is An Emergency Kit?

A Hairskeen emergency kit provides temporary solutions to hair replacement system problems when the system lifts or displaces and you need a quick and efficient emergency fix. 

An emergency kit comprises an adhesive remover, ‘Safe Remover,’ a liquid adhesive, ‘Strong Secure,’ a positioning spray, ‘Easy On,’ alcohol wipes, tape adhesives, ‘Skeentape,’ and an applicator brush.  

All the solutions are skin-safe and gentle for those with sensitive skin; however, they are a quick-acting cure for baldness and can get you out of a fix and have you look fabulous in no time!

Situation 1: Your Hairskeen Detaches By An Inch

Men’s Hair Loss

Men’s Hair Loss

When your Hairskeen detaches by 1 inch from the front, it is expected to freak out. However, do not panic and try these steps instead. 

  • Peel back your hair replacement system a little more. 
  • If it is removed by an inch, peel it back to 1.5 inches and clean the area using a 99% alcohol wipe. This will help remove all the adhesive residue to give you a new base to work with. 
  • If not available, use a wet towel with a skin-safe, sensitive soap to clean the area gently. Moreover, the base of the system should have minimal adhesives stuck to it. 
  • If you are using a tape adhesive, then peel the back of the tape and expose the adhesive. 
  • Do not touch the adhesive and place it on the hair replacements base. 
  • Apply enough tape to get a secure hold, and then peel off the covering from the other side and attach it to your scalp. 
  • If you are using a liquid adhesive, apply the solution ‘strong secure’ to the base of your hair replacement system and blow dry it until transparent. 
  • Press the system onto your skin firmly for 10 seconds. Do not move the system around when applying pressure. 
  • Clean up using a wet towel for a neat look; however, avoid touching the area where you have applied the adhesive. 

Situation 2: Your Hairskeen Is Lifted By More Than An Inch

When your hair replacement system gets displaced by more than an inch and peels back from the front, try these steps rather than freaking out. 

  • Lift the system lightly and clean it using a 99% alcohol wipe to get rid of any bacteria. 
  • Using a wet towel and some soap or an adhesive remover on a napkin, wipe the system to get rid of the adhesive. 
  • Use the ‘easy on’ spray on your scalp, gently readjust the system, and secure it down by pressing on it firmly. 
  • Since this is a more potent spray, the installation should last upto 2-3 days. When this lifts again, remove the hair system altogether and re-apply it again.

Situation 3: Your Hairskeen Lifts Up Completely 

When your hair replacement system detaches entirely, it is best to contact your hair stylist to have a new installation done. 

  • After contacting your professional, you can do a new installation at home using these steps. 
  • Use an adhesive remover to get rid of the adhesive from the system to give you a fresh canvas. 
  • Spray a generous amount of the ‘safe remover’ spray and wash it with a shampoo to get rid of the oil residue. 
  • Dry the system using a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt very gently. Do not wring the system or rub it to dry it.
  • Prepare your scalp using an alcohol wipe and trim the hair around the area to prevent any adhesive from getting stuck in it. 
  • Apply the hair replacement system using your adhesive, whether liquid or tape and secure it firmly. 
Experience Fuller Hair With Hairskeen

Experience Fuller Hair With Hairskeen


Hairskeen’s hair replacement systems are made to cater to your lifestyle and carry you through harsh weather conditions and emotional turmoil. They are your partner for times when you want to elevate your look while staying within your budget. 

Emergency kits are the easiest way to deal with a hair system problem. Investing in an emergency kit is a decision you will not regret. The combo kit also offers a hair system along with a shampoo and conditioner in addition to your application tools. 

Hair replacement systems from Hairskeen promise quality and are a foolproof method for gaining back your confidence while owning your style. Check out their website today, and be amazed at the results you see in just a few days!