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Myth Busters! 5 Myths About Hair Systems Busted

Are you apprehensive about your falling hair? Are you looking for solutions to combat this accelerated hair fall? Hair systems are the best solution to male baldness. Affordable and versatile, the best hair systems give you quality and comfort, all in an easy fix. However, many myths surround this solution, as people believe it to be unsuitable for them. This blog is calling on the Myth Busters to bust 5 myths about hair systems.

By age 50, 30 to 35% of men experience male badness. Moreover, almost 80% of men experience some hair thinning or falling. Therefore, many feel they need a hair system to look handsome. However, this is not to insinuate that baldness is not beautiful. As long as you confidently own your style and look, the sky is the limit, and no one can stop you.

Myth 1: A Hair System Is Just A Fancy Wig 


The best hair systems are made to suit you and your specific needs. They are catered to best match your natural hair color, density and texture. Therefore, they do not look similar to wigs. 

They are smaller patches of hair attached to the scalp using adhesives or tapes and promise a natural look. They are customized by sewing thin fibers onto a delicate and breathable membrane according to your hair type. 

Wigs, conversely, are shelf-picked and heavier products; they are made of a less breathable and more distinguishable material. They are less likely to be customized. 

A hair replacement system blends naturally with your skin and looks like your hairline but better and fuller. On the other hand, a wig gives a straight and rigid look as it does not blend into the hairline flawlessly. 

However, both products cover hair loss or thinning; they are widely different in their approaches. 

Myth 2: Hair Systems Cause Irritation 


Men’s hair replacement systems should not irritate your scalp if they are made of quality material that is breathable, ventilated and delicate. Best hair systems are made of feather-light material and will make you forget you wear one. 

However, some hypoallergenic people with sensitive skin tend to react to a particular tape or adhesive that might not work for them. 

Therefore, make sure to patch test and ensure you do not have an adverse reaction to any adhesive. Several skin-safe, gentle adhesives on the market can help ensure long and effortless application. 

Hairskeen offers long-stay adhesives for the most flawless and beginner-friendly hair system applications that are gentle and made for sensitive skin. 

Myth 3: Hair Systems Are Expensive

Hair Systems For Men

Hair Systems For Men


Hair replacement systems are an alternative to surgical hair replacement. Surgical hair replacement is expensive and not foolproof for male pattern baldness. Moreover, they may cause reactions in some people and do more harm than good. 

On the other hand, the best hair systems promise you quality, durability, and a full-proof solution to your hair thinning problems. 

Depending on the system, the initial cost ranges from around $100-$1000. The initial cost is low, and once you have invested in one, you are not likely to go back. 

They give you a customized fit and look depending on your hair type and particular hair needs. Hair systems are made to suit your lifestyle and are individually catered to you. 

Therefore, while most people might think they are expensive, consider their durability, fit, comfort and versatility. You will surely invest in them over again as they give you the best bang for your buck!

Myth 4: Hair Systems Are High Maintenance And Inflexible 


Where systems are to be cared for in a way more similar to your natural hair, they can be removed almost daily and cleaned and worn again. 

Their cleaning process is easy, especially with solutions like an oil-based glue remover from Hairskeen that will ensure an efficient removal. If you are allergic to certain ingredients, make sure to consult with a doctor before you invest in a product. 

Moreover, a common misconception that you cannot wear your hair system out in the sun or while swimming is also false. Hair systems can be worn at all times. If you wear your hair system while working out or swimming, you will not dislodge it as the tape is made to last long. 

Hair systems should be cared for in the sun with a cap to prevent the color from fading. If you are out in the hot sun, use a UV protection spray to protect the hair color and clean the hair system, often to eliminate sweat, smells, or oil. 

Just as you clean your natural hair, the best hair systems are meant to be shampooed and taken care of in a very similar manner, as they are made to replicate the look of your natural hair. 

Myth 5: Hair Systems Can Be Easily Spotted 

Experience Fuller Hair With Hair Systems

Experience Fuller Hair With Hair Systems


Best hair replacement systems that match your natural hair cannot be spotted differently from your regular hair. The hair systems that are made poorly and do not match your hair, texture, or color or are misfitted will always stand out like a sore thumb. 

Choosing a brand that ensures quality products is essential to get the best hair replacement system for your needs and lifestyle so it blends effortlessly with your natural hair. Choose a brand that understands your needs and caters to you specifically for the best and most natural look and finish.

Hair systems are an easy and flexible way to cope with your hair thinning and male pattern baldness if you feel underconfident in your skin. Best hair systems are insured to suit you perfectly as they are catered for you and not for anyone else. Remember that you do not need a hair system to feel your best; your confidence is ingrained in your skin. However, if you choose to invest in one, ensure it is the best fit for you. 

Made with the highest quality products, Hairskeen offers affordable yet versatile products that solve all your problems. The breathable material ensures that you always feel your best, and the most natural blended look ensures that you always look your best. Invest in a hair system today to get the best, most flattering look.